Thormahlen & Cochran Safaris encourages clients to take part in sightseeing if they travel to Africa to be on Safari. It is so easy to add a few days before or after your safari and it is there are many exciting destinations such as the sample itinerary below.

This itinerary covers various destinations covers various destinations and options in South Africa, Namibia and includes the Famous Victoria Falls. The itinerary can be tailored to your needs and may also include one section, it serves as an example of what we can visit on a guided tour.


Example of a complete tour.  Get in touch with us for a quotation on the tour or just a specific section within the tour.


For photographers – the best of African culture and enchanting venues!

For sheer scenic beauty, few parts of the country can compare with the Mpumalanga Drakensberg, a region of high peaks and forested slopes, deep green valleys, perennial streams and sparkling waterfalls.

Namibia Tours

Namibia is a vast country dominated by the Namib Desert, an extensive inland plateau and stunning geological mountain ranges. From the lush, northern Caprivi Strip and the wildlife of Etosha National Park to the vast and unforgettable Namib Desert and the desolate Skeleton Coast; the destination has something to offer everyone


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