The Outfitter: Peter Thormahlen

Peter Thormahlen and Texans, Charles and Stacey Cochran, established Thormahlen & Cochran Safaris in the year 2000. They spent many happy hours of hunting in South Africa, which let to the founding of Thormahlen & Cochran Safaris 22 years ago. Peter devices his time between South Africa and Namibia – and enjoys permanent residency in Namibia since 2012.

Peter has extensive experience of big game hunting in Africa and accompanied many clients on the their road to receiving prestigious awards. He was chosen as the DSC Outfitter of the Year in 2010 and received the International Professional Hunter of the Year award from SCI in 2018. Accompanied by a strong team of professional hunters and personnel, Thormahlen & Cochran Safaris can produce world class hunts, serving for ULTIMATE PERFECTION with every safari.